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Transcription of this question: 4.MSS is in Central Tanzania. This area of the country is subject to severe droughts everyfew years, and in other years there can be very heavy rain, causing floods and significantdamage to roads. Malaria has been a concern, but a government health scheme is reducingcases of this disease in children of school-going age. Jacob is considering having a schoolcontingency plan for such natural disasters.Jacob is concerned that the financial position of the school is not as good as it could be. Hehas prepared a variance analysis for the most recent six months.Table 1: Variance analysis for the most recent six months (figures in $000s)Fees receivedSale of cropsSalariesCash purchasesOther expensesProfitForecast6072521138Outcome5810282415Variance-2+3+3+3+2Jacob recognizes the need for change, but his experience tells him that change needscareful management and that if something works well it is best left alone. He is planning tocreate an internet connection for the school to help teachers and students to access moreeducational resources. However, this is likely to be expensive and a technical challengedue to the school’s remote location and underdeveloped infrastructure. He also has plans toimprove classroom facilities, but the school does not, at the moment, have sufficient finance.Mrs K is discussing with Jacob ways in which the school could become more efficient andimprove examination results. She wants to increase teacher contact time with students.This would mean a better use of resources and should help students to learn more. Shealso wants teachers to observe each other’s lessons with the aim of making suggestionsfor improvements of teaching and learning methods. There could be additional dutiesfor teachers, such as supervising students’ spare time and study time. Supervision isparticularly important at weekends, when some teachers currently go home to their families.(a)(b)(c)(d)Define the term contingency planExplain the usefulness to MSS of the variance analysis in Table 1.Explain two restraining forces relating to change at MSS.Discuss human resource strategies that could reduce the impact on employees of the[2]changes suggested by Mrs K.[10]

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