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Transcription of this question: 4.Music Mania (MM)Music Mania (MM) is an independent store selling new and used music compact discs (CDs),DVD films and music vinyl records. It is a sole trader business owned by André, who has 25 yearsof experience in the retail and music business. MM has loyal customers but its total revenue isfalling. The store currently has a low market share in DVDs and vinyl records.André decided to conduct some primary and secondary market research, as the entertainmentindustry is changing rapidly. He discovered that:• the market for DVDs is in rapid declineCD sales are declining slowly but new releases still sell wellMM has had to stock computer games, which are selling out very quickly, and the sales of newvinyl records are growing slowly.André is accustomed to variations in sales but the current sales forecasts are, in his experience,the most worrying. He has decided to create an e-commerce website to increase his sales of newand used vinyl records and CDs. André is also aware that new free online music streaming andgaming sites are being launched.André has only limited internal sources of finance to set up the website. Two new tactics to ensurefuture success for MM being considered are:• to stop selling DVDs• to increase below-the-line promotional spending on vinyl records.(a)(b)(c)(d)Define the term secondary market research.Explain one advantage and one disadvantage for MM of using sales forecasting.Explain one cost and one benefit for MM of setting up an e-commerce website.[2]Using the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) matrix, discuss the two new tactics André isconsidering to ensure MMs future success.[10]

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