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Transcription of this question: 5.Green Clean (GC)Green Clean (GC) is a private limited company. Its unique selling point (LISP) is offeringhigh-quality and reliable cleaning services by teams of professional cleaners who clean officesand houses.GC has strong ethical objectives. They only use eco-friendly cleaning products and pay theiremployees fair wages. Labour turnover is low and many cleaners have worked for the companyfor over two decades.However, the cleaning market has become very competitive. GC has been slow to react. Othercleaning companies are beginning to offer a wider range of services. GC’s management hasdecided to introduce a new gardening service to create new revenue streams. GC will have torecruit professionally trained gardeners from wide geographical areas, as they are difficult to find.GC will have to pay these new gardeners at least 20% more than cleaners to attract them. GChas limited experience in recruiting employees other than cleaners.The cleaners are becoming demotivated because they are unhappy about the difference in paybetween cleaners and future gardeners. They believe that gardeners are not more skilled thancleaners but just have a different skill set. Human resource managers are concerned about thepotential impact of demotivated cleaners and are looking for ways to improve morale. One optionthey are considering is to offer cleaners an employee-share ownership scheme. Shareholders,however, are opposed to this proposal.(a)(b)(c)(d)Define the term ethical objective.Explain one advantage and one disadvantage to GC of having low labour turnover.Explain two possible steps in the recruitment process of gardeners for GC.With reference to two motivation theories, examine the motivation of cleaners at GC[2][10]

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