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Transcription of this question: Bart Fumiture (BF)Bart Furniture (BF) is a wholesaler that stocks furniture. In 2015, BF purchased more stock thanusual in order to take advantage of discounts that several furniture manufacturers were offering.However, much of this new stock did not sell.Table 1: Financial information, for BF, for 2015 and 2016Acid-test/quick ratioCashCost of goods soldCreditorsCurrent ratioDebtor daysDebtorsLong-term debtSales revenueShort-term debtStockStock tumover in days20152.21$2000$12166$100030 days$1973$14 000$24 000$800$4000×20162.84$500$12500$14385.47$6134$13700$26 000$900$6164180(a)(b)(c)Describe one feature of a wholesaler.Using information in Table 1, calculate for BF:(i)(iii)stock turnover in days for 2015 (X) (show all your working);current ratio for 2015 (A) (show all your working);debtor days for 2016 (Y) (show all your working).Referring to information in Table 1 and your calculations, explain the change in BF’Sliquidity between 2015 and 2016.[2][2][2][2][2]

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