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Transcription of this question: 2.Visionary Toys (VT)Visionary Toys (VT) produces highly innovative toys for children. VT began operation in January2017 and its unique selling point/proposition (USP) is producing toy parts with a 3D printer. Thefinancial director presented financial information for VT at the end of 2017. He was concernedabout VTs liquidity.Table 1: Revenue and expense information for the year 2017 and balance sheet items at31 December 2017CashNet fixed assetsInterest paidCreditorsDebtorsAccumulated retained profit- end of 2017Costs of goods soldSales revenueShort-term loansOverdraft balanceExpensesShare capitalDividends paidLong-term liabilitiesStock of toy parts$1000$27 000$250$4000$3500$10 000$7500$27 250$1500$2000$7000$13 500$2500$5000$4500(a)(c)Define the term unique selling point/proposition (USP).(i) Construct a fully labelled balance sheet for VT for the end of 2017.(ii) Calculate the acid test (quick) ratio for VT for 2018.Explain one way VT could improve its liquidity.[2][5][2]

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