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Transcription of this question: 2.EsperantoAfter having successfully produced a number Of new technological products and conductedconsiderable research and development in the consumer goods market, Esperanto was finally readyto launch the UniTran_ The UniTran is the world’s first communication device, which can instantlytranslate spoken English, French or Spanish into over 121 different languages.Initial customer feedback before the marketing and product launch has been very positive,despite the very high price Of the device (IJSS2400). Primary market research was conducted byEsperanto using a quota sample Of communication experts, international journalists and languageteachers. In addition, doctors and rescue workers from the non-governmental organization (NGO)Medicine Sans Fwontiersl were given samples Of the UniTran to test and give feedback to Esperantoas part Of a snowballing market research exercise.Esperanto felt that a product Of such importance needed a suitable campaign to target a number OfOther niche markee segments. A marketing agency, New World, was used to help plan and coordinatethe marketing and product launch for 1 January 2011. Esperanto’s chief executive offlcer (CEO)agreed the following sequence Of activities with New World marketing team:ActivityAB (must follow A)C (must follow B)D (must follow B)E (must follow C)F (must follow D)G (must follow E and F)H (must follow G)1 (must follow H)Estimatedduration (weeks2274332If early sales Of UniTran were disappointing, New World was keen to make a quick adjustment tothe marketing mix. Given the initial feedback on the UniTran, New WorldS perception was thatthe product required a very short channel Of distribution. Esperanto felt the opposite. It wasconfident that the UniTran had the potential to become a global product and would require muchlonger channels.(Question 2 continued)(a)(b)(d)Define the following terms:(i) research and development(ii) snowballing.Briefly explain one advantage and one disadvantage for Esperanto Of onlyconducting primary market research.(i) On the lined paper provided for your answer, construct a fully labellednetwork diagram to represent the sequence Of activities in the table.Show the earliest starting time (EST) and the latest finishing time (LFT)for each activity and the critical path.(ii) Calculate the total float on the network diagram and comment on itsimplications for New World (show all your working).(iii) Briefly outline one benefit to New World from constructing the networkdiagram _Analyse New World’s suggestion to use short distribution channels for theUniTran.[2 marks][2 marks][4 marks][6 marks][3 marks][2 marks][6 marks]

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