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Transcription of this question: 5.w.JAZ RadioElaine Maxwell put down her phone. She was beginning to understand the huge challenge inaccepting the position Of chief executive officer (CEO) Of WJÅZ Radio less than one month ago.The commercial radio station had been very popular, launching many famous music bands, but itwas now in crisis. Falling audience figures for 2010 (January to May) revealed that W.JAZ Radiosposition as market leader was under threat. Budgets were not being controlled and overspendingwas common. Variances for 2010 already showed that the company had lost financial control.Some advertisers had threatened to transfer their radio advertisements to competing radio stations.Elaine also realised that internal and external communication was failing. Some celebrity radiopresenters had refused to come to morning meetings and did not reply to e-mails. She had been toldthat the presenters were motivated to work at WJÅZ Radio due to the laissez-faire leadership styleadopted by senior managers. The presenters brought valuable publicity to W.JAZ Radio through theirOther paid media commitments such as store openings and television appearances. This publicity hadcreated significant advertising revenue for WJÅZ Radio.Elaine had just spoken to one Of her most important advertisers. The station’s most famouspresenter had not turned up for a store opening despite repeated phone calls to the presenter’s agent.Elaine then discovered that the presenter had not known about the booking and this was not thefirst time that this had happened.TO Elaine, it was proof that the current methods Of communication and the leadership style adoptedwere not effective. However, she was aware that changing the culture Of W.JAZ Radio too quicklymay lead to some radio presenters moving to Other radio stations. One newspaper article hadalready suggested that competing stations were willing to pay bonuses to attract W.JAZ Radiostop presenters.(b)(c)(d)(i) Identify two characteristics Of a laissez-faire leadership style.(ii) Define the term variance.Explain two reasons why budgets are important for organizations suchWJAZ Radio.Analyse two solutions to the communication failure present at WJAZ Radio.Evaluate the effectiveness Of the laissez-faire leadership style presentWJAZ Radio.asat[2 marks][2 marks][6 marks][6 marks][9 marks]

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