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Transcription of this question: [Maximum mark: 8]A company produces rectangular sheets of glass of area 5 square metres. Duringmanufacturing these glass sheets flaws occur at the rate of 0.5 per 5 square metres. It isassumed that the number of flaw’S per glass sheet follows a Poisson distribution.(a) Find the probability that a randomly chosen glass sheet contains at least one flaw.Glass sheets with no flaws earn a profit of $5. Glass sheets with at least one flaw incur aloss of $3 .(b) Find the expected profit, P dollars, per glass sheet.This company also produces larger glass sheets of area 20 square metres. The rate ofoccurrence of flaws remains at 0.5 per 5 square metres.A larger glass sheet is chosen at random.(c) Find the probability that it contains no flaws.[2]

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