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Transcription of this question: 10.imum mark: 7]A ferry carries cars across a river. There is a fixed time of T minutes between crossings.The arrival of cars at the crossing can be assumed to follow a Poisson distribution witha mean of one car every four minutes. Let X denote the number of cars that arrivein T minutes.(a) Find T, to the nearest minute, if P (X 3) = 0.6 _It is now decided that the time between crossirws, T, will be 10 minutes. The ferry cancarry a maximum of three cars on each trip.(b) One day all the cars waiting at 13:00 get on the ferry Find the probability thatall the cars that arrive in the next 20 minutes will get on either the 13:10 or the13:20 ferry[3 marks][4 marks]

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