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Transcription of this question: 11.[Maximum mark: 18]The number Of visitors that arrive at a museum every minute can be modelled by aPoisson distribution with mean 2.2.(a)(b)(c)If the museum is open 6 hours daily, find the expected number Of visitors inI day.Find the probability that the number Of visitors arriving during an hourexceeds 100.Find the probability that the number of visitors in each Ofthe 6 hours the museumis open exceeds 100.The ages Of the visitors to the museum can be modelled by a normal distributionwith mean and variance The records show that 29 % of the visitors are under35 years Of age and 23 % are at least 55 years Of age.(d)(e)Find the values Of andOne day, 100 visitors under 35 years Of age come to the museum. Estimate thenumber Of visitors under 50 years Of age that were at the museum on that day.[2 marks][3 marks][2 marks][6 marks][5 marks]

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