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Transcription of this question: [Maximum mark: 16]Steffi the stray cat often visits Will’s house in search of food. Let X be the discrete randomvariable “the number of times per day that Steffi visits Will’s house”.The random variable X can be modelled by a Poisson distribution with mean 2.1.(a) Find the probability that on a randomly selected day, Steffi does not visit Will’s house.Let Y’ be the discrete random variable “the number of times per day that Steffi is fed at Will’shouse”. Steffi is only fed on the first four occasions that she visits each day.[2](b)(c)(d)Copy and complete the probability distribution table for Y.234Hence find the expected number of times per day that Steffi is fed at Will’s house.In any given year of 365 days, the probability that Steffi does not visit Will for at most ndays in total is 0.5 (to one decimal place). Find the value of n.Show that the expected number of occasions per year on which Steffi visits Will’shouse and is not fed is at least 30.

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