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Transcription of this question: Let , n e Z , be an arithmetic sequence with first term equal to a and commondifference of d, where O. Let another sequence , e , be defined by vnShow that -Edis a constant.(ii)(iii)Write down the first term of the sequence {vn} .Write down a formula for vn in terms of a, d and n.Let Sn be the sum of the first n terms of the sequence .(i) Find Sn, in terms of a, d and n .(ii) Find the values of d for which exists.You are now told that does exist and is denoted by(iii) Write down s t in terms of a and d.(iv) Given that S. = find the value of d.Let {wn}, n e T, be a geometric sequence with first term equal to p and common ratio q,where p and q are both greater than zero. Let another sequence {zn} be definedby zn=lnwn.(c) Find giving your answer in the form Ink with k in terms of n, p and q.

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