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Transcription of this question: 5.All employees at TM receive a letter from the head office of TM. The letter states that:working hours will be increaseddue to increased employee theft, all employees will be searched each day beforeleaving worknew working procedures for customer service will be implemented that will reinforcethe lack of employee empowerment and further limit their authority to make their owndecisionsTM want to restrict the powers of the union but also set up alternative ways for employeerepresentation.In return, employees will be offered annual bonuses in the form of employees’ sharesand wages will increase. There will be greater employment opportunities and better jobsecurity.Henri attends a meeting called by the union at TM. The union members are hostile to thechanges and strike action is proposed. Henri thinks he could use this situation for his nextpiece of MBA work, which is based on conflict resolution.Using the case study and the additional information above, recommend possible approachesthat TMs management could take to prevent the potential conflict from negatively affectingTM in France.[20]

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