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Transcription of this question: Fair Coffee (FC)David is about to open a small coffee shop, Fair Coffee (FC), at a central city location. On openingday FC will have a stock level of 500kg of coffee beans. David estimates that the coffee beans willbe used at a constant rate for the first six months of operation.David’s planned stock management figures for the coffee beans are shown below:Maximum stock levelMinimum stock levelRe-order quantity levelRe-order quantityQuantity used per month500200 kg350 kg300150 kgLead time for delivery of the coffee beans: 1 month.(a)(b)(c)State two elements of the extended marketing mix (seven PS) for FC.Using the information in the table, construct a fully labelled stock control chart for FC,for the first six months of operation.A delivery of coffee beans was 1 month late, arriving on the last day of the seventhmonth rather than the last day of the sixth month. Using figures from the chart youconstructed in part (b), explain the effects of:(i)(ii)the late delivery on FC’s stock level and;the late arrival delivering only 75 kg of coffee.[2][2][2]

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