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Transcription of this question: 4.Six months has passed and Medimatters is now ready to launch IBAT. Medimatters willrecruit new staff to set up a customer services department. Ahmed has spent some timethinking about the people he would need to recruit. The staff would need to possess IT skillsand an understanding of medical issues.The manufacturer Falit found in India has produced the first batch of 1000 IBAT lenses.Unfortunately, the IBAT lenses were delivered later than expected and some were faulty.As a result, the group is considering whether to make or buy the IBAT lenses. Ahmed hassuggested setting up a manufacturing facility using lean production. His calculations areas follows:• Price paid to manufacturer in India per IBAT lens: $50.• Current number of IBAT lenses purchased per month: 1000.• Variable cost of making IBAT lenses: $25 (per lens).• Additional fixed cost of making IBAT lenses per month: $20 000.Ahmed considered his role as leader.He has consulted widely on a draft business plan and has discussed and agreed themission and vision statements because he wants to involve everyone.The group are all very enthusiastic about IBAT, although some are anxious about the risksinvolved and have asked for more guidance.• He spends a lot of time keeping everyone informed of project developments in addition tocoordinating all of their efforts.• Emma has many ideas about expanding into new markets, however, Didi does not agreeand has argued with Emma.• He is prepared to make urgent decisions himself. For example, without consultation hedecided that Medimatters should become a private limited company.(a)(b)(c)(d)Define the term lean production.With reference to Medimatters, explain two steps in the process of recruitment to thecustomer services department.(i) Calculate the cost to make and the cost to buy IBAT lenses (show all yourworking).(ii) Briefly comment on your results in (c) (i).”Ahmed considered his role as leader.” Recommend an appropriate leadership stylefor Ahmed.[2][2][2][10]

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