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Transcription of this question: 5.Chips to Go (C2G)Chips to Go (C2G) produce potato chips for the British market. C2G’s Chief Executive Officer(CEO) is Charles Chip who is a dynamic entrepreneur famous for taking risks with chip flavourssuch as “banana and sour cream” and “chocolate fudge” and promoting them with humourespecially appealing to British culture. C2G has created a number of successful snack productsunder the C2G family brand. Charles uses intuitive rather than scientific decision-making.He rarely consults with senior managers or considers financial data.C2G’s value as a company in terms of goodwill, brand value and other intangible assets is tied veryclosely to the personality and lifestyle of Charles. He is the company’s most valuable intangibleasset and is very popular among the younger generation. He is constantly in the news trying totravel around the world in a canoe, or taking risks by parachuting off high buildings to gain freepublicity and word-of-mouth promotion. Current and potential investors have contacted the financedepartment as to what may happen to the value of these intangible assets if Charles were to havea serious accident.C2G is looking for ways to increase market share in an increasingly competitive domestic snackmarket. One long-time aim for Charles has been the creation of a potato chip with all the taste ofregular chips but without any fat. The marketing department of C2G is very excited with this ideabut the Production Manager has indicated to Charles that it cannot be produced. Charles hasbeen told and was furious.A second strategic option could be to launch the potato chips into a new international market.One of Charles’s closest advisers has argued that C2G would need to be careful with its productand promotion, as overseas customers may not share British tastes in potato chips, or Britishhumour in promotion. He urges Charles to take time to carry out extensive market research of thenew international market.(a)(b)(c)(d)Describe two stakeholder conflicts at C2G.Explain two reasons why it may be difficult to value C2G’s intangible assets.With reference to C2G, compare and contrast intuitive and scientificdecision-making.Evaluate the strategic decision to launch C2G’s potato chips into a newinternational market.

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