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Transcription of this question: A student determined the percentage of the active ingredient magnesium hydroxide,in a 1.24g antacid tablet.The antacid tablet was added to 50.00cm3 of 0.100moldm-3 sulfuric acid, which wasIn excess.(a)(b)(c)Calculate the amount, in mol, of H2SO,Formulate the equation for the reaction of H2S04 withThe excess sulfuric acid required 20.80cm3 of 0.1133 moldm-3 NaOH for neutralization.Calculate the amount of excess acid present.(d) Calculate the amount of H2S04 that reacted with(e)(f)Determine the mass of in the antacid tablet.Calculate the percentage by mass of magnesium hydroxide in the 1.24 g antacid tabletto three significant figures.[2]

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