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Transcription of this question: 7.Automobile air bags inflate by a rapid decomposition reaction. One typical compound usedis guanidinium nitrate, which decomposes very rapidly to form nitrogen, watervapour and carbon.(a) (i) Deduce the equation for the decomposition of guanidinium nitrate.(ii)( iii)(iv)Calculate the total number of moles of gas produced from the decomposition of10.0g of guanidinium nitrate.Calculate the pressure, in kPa, of this gas in a 10.0dm3 air bag at 1270C,assuming no gas escapes.Suggest why water vapour deviates significantly from ideal behaviour when thegases are cooled, while nitrogen does not.[2](b) Another airbag reactant produces nitrogen gas and sodium.Suggest, including an equation, why the products of this reactant present a safety hazard. [2]

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