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    Trusted by parents and students of IB Diploma program from around the world.

    Hear from  LeadIB Superstars

    Prof. Yogesh Prabhu
    Founder of LeadIB Academy

    About Prof. Yogesh Prabhu,

    10+ years of teaching experience in pure and applied math.


    IBDP Math AA AI, HL & SL specialist,


    Creator of website leadib.com , it is loved by thousands of IBDP students and teachers from around the world.

    Features of our online classes

    We offer tuitions for following IBDP subjects


    We are team of IB diploma specialist teachers led by Prof. Yogesh Prabhu, we are also creators of world class resource leadib.com 

    We offer worlds finest, most high quality, live online tutoring service for many ib diploma subjects for students from around the world.

    We specialise in IB Diploma program, however we do offer tutoring for AP calc AB/BC and advanced university level math for engineering and business

    Unlike any other board, IB has more emphasis on understanding the concept and applying it to solve a problem, with its assessment critrions it ensures there is no room for rote learning. and with years of experience teaching and interacting with students form round the world we understand this better than anyone else.

    Actully we are not a tutoring company,

    LeadIB Academy is run by small team of passionate teachers and we want to keep it that way 🙂

    “Less is more!”

    We understand how time demanding IB Diploma Program is, so with our years of experience we teach more in less time, and most importantly we do not spoon feed every concept which enables enqirey based learning which is at the core of IB style of education.

    Our tutoring is right mix of 1 coaching sessions , 1 to 2 practice session and weekly tests per subject. We also have dedicated team to set and grade tests.

    So mostly there will be 2 to 3 tutoring sessions per week and a test.

    Yes, based on students requirement and teachers availability we might schedule some extra classes.

    Yes, but this can be best answered on the basis of our expert teachers recommendation after the trial class, also in some cases a student need to attend intensive head start program to cope up and learn the basics.

    NO, We charge yearly fees which can be paid in 3 instalments.

    We offer personalised coaching as per the need of individual student, and a customised study plan is prepared after the trial class. Fees depends on your recommended study plan

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