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Transcription of this question: 2.Mutombo Window Fans (MWF)Mutombo Window Fans (MWF) manufactures and sells windowfans to wholesalers across eastern Africa. Although the businessbegan small, it experienced rapid internal growth through aggressive,commission-based sales.Currently, MWF sells 300 window fans per month. Each fan sells atan average price of $100.Table 1: Forecasted fixed costs for 2020 (all figures in $)RentInsuranceSalariesLease on equipmentCleaning service360009000190004800018000Table 2: Variable costs per fan for 2020 (all figures in $)MaterialsDelivery555(a)Define the term intemal growth.(iii)Calculate, for MWF, the break-even level of output for 2020.Construct a fully labelled, to scale, break-even chart for MWF for 2020.Calculate the profit if MWF sells 3600 window fans in 2020.[2][2][2]

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