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Transcription of this question: 4.The WarriorsThe Warriors are a soccer* club who perform well but have not won any trophies. Recently,The Warriors have had above average turnover of managers, increasing time spent on recruitment.Player turnover has also been higher than that of other clubs.Dave Atkinson, owner and former player, is an autocratic leader who denies blame for the highmanager and player turnover. He publicly criticizes players. However, fans adore Dave. He was asuccessful player, supports the fans and is committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR). Hehas:reduced ticket prices to the lowest in the leagueprovided free, healthy snacks for junior supporters• donated 20% of The Warriors’ profits to local schools to encourage young people to play sport.After a recent poor performance, Dave demanded that all players donate 50% of their pay forthat match to good causes. Two new players used social media to complain. In response, Davethreatened to cancel their contracts. The other players refused to tum up for training to showsolidarity. Dave then locked the players out of the stadium.This controversy comes at a critical time for The Warriors. With a dynamic new manager, they havetheir first chance to win an important final and with it significant financial gain, which is needed tosupport corporate social responsibility (CSR) and upgrade spectator facilities. On social media, thefans have asked Dave not to enforce the lock-out.Dave wants to resolve the conflict and privately regrets the lock-out. He is angry with the team butwants to increase The Warriors’ corporate social responsibility (CSR). Without wishing to appearas a weak leader, he asked another popular former player for advice.(a)(b)(c)(d)Outline two features of autocratic leadership.Explain one cost and one benefit of a high labour turnover of managers forThe Warriors.Explain one cost and one benefit to The Warriors of committing to corporate socialresponsibility (CSR).Discuss two methods to resolve conflict for The Warriors other than a lock-out.[2][10]

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