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Transcription of this question: 5.Copper Health (CH)Copper Health (CH) was the market leader in the production of anti-venom• vaccines to treatpoisonous snake bites. CHs mission — influenced heavily by corporate social responsibility (CSR)— is to put customers first and profits second in the treatment of snake bites.Despite 100 000 deaths worldwide each year from snake bites and 400000 serious injuries, CHrecently announced that it will no longer produce anti-venom vaccines. Several large Mexican,Brazilian and Indian pharmaceutical companies have entered the market selling anti-venomvaccines at a much lower price than CH.A spokesperson for CH said: “We will remain a private limited company where corporate socialresponsibility (CSR) remains an important driving force for our mission. Our medical research isonly financed from retained profit. When the lower-priced competition arrived, our sales and profitsof anti-venom vaccines decreased significantly. Treating snakebites no longer makes financialsense. Instead, the technology used to produce anti-venom vaccines will be used to research anddevelop (R&D) other life-saving vaccines”.A non-governmental organization (NGO) has demanded action. “CH is the largest manufacturerof anti-venom vaccines in the world. Although CHs competitors are increasing their production ofanti-venom vaccines they will not be able to produce enough to satisfy demand for the next twoyears. There will be a major shortage. This will result in many life-threatening injuries and deaths.”The non-governmental organization (NGO) has urged CH to seek new sources of finance tocontinue the production of the anti-venom vaccine.[Source:@ International Baccalaureate Organization 2019](a)(b)(c)(d)Define the term retained profit.Explain one advantage and one disadvantage for CH of having a mission statement.Explain two possible external sources of finance CH could use to continue productionof anti-venom vaccines.Discuss CHs decision to stop producing anti-venom vaccines.[2][4][10]

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